Talks (with .pdfs)

Sunday, October 4

Rogue and shock waves

N. Akhmediev (Waves that Appear from Nowhere - Analytic Results, Invited)
M. Taki (Rogue Waves: Modeling and Experiments, Invited)
P. Lacourte (Optical Rogue Waves, Invited)
N. Broderick (Shock Wave Formation in Optical Micro-coil Cavities)
M. Hoefer (Theory of Two-Dimensional Oblique Dispersive Shock Waves)
V. Rottschafer (Singular solutions of the generalised Korteweg-de Vries equation)

L. Leuzzi (interdisciplinary talk, Spin Glass Theory and a Definition of Complexity)

Lasers and dissipative systems

N. J. Kutz (The Dominant Role of Intra-cavity Dynamics for High-power Ultra-short Lasers, Invited)
O. Gat (Mode-locked laser pulse fluctuations in the statistical steady state, Invited)
P. Grelu (Collective Dynamics of Dissipative Solitons in Mode-locked Lasers)
S. Barland(Localized vortices in semiconductor lasers)

Monday, October 5

Wave turbulence and complexity

G. Stegeman (Complexity in Discrete Surface Soliton Generation, Invited [.pdf 10MB ])
J. W. Fleischer (Turbulent Light and its Application to Imaging, Invited)
A. Goy (Imaging through focusing Kerr media)
S. Jia (Rayleigh-Taylor Instability in Nonlinear Schroedinger Flow)
A. Picozzi (Wave Turbulence and Thermalization of Random Nonlinear Waves, confirmed)
E. Del Re (Complexity-Driven Optical Spatial Solitons in Relaxor Ferroelectrics, Invited)

B. Crosignani (interdisciplinary talk, Adiabatic Pistons and Negentropy, Invited)

Disordered and nano-structures

F. Biancalana (New Nonlinear Effects in Photonic Nanowires, Invited [ .pdf 40MB ])
G. Assanto (Second Harmonic Generation in Random Quasi-Phase Matched Lithium Tantalate)
C. Conti (The Enlightened Game of Life)
E. Ding (Verification of the Haus Master Mode-Locking Model [.pdf 3MB])
F. Eilenberg (Soliton Mediated Quantization of Fibre-Bragg-Gratings [.pdf 2MB ])
M. Leonetti (Light Amplification in Three-Dimensional Photonic Crystals)
M. Williams (Spatial Mode-Locking of Light Bullets in Waveguide Arrays)

Tsuesday, October 6


F. Lederer (Cavity Polariton Solitons, Invited)
Kikuo Cho (Exciton/polaritons Interacting with Surface Acustic Waves, Invited)
A. D'Andrea (Synergic Effects and Polariton Propagation Restoring in Super-structures)
I. Shelykh (Nonlinear Phenomena in Semiconductor Microcavities, Invited)
E. Giorgetti (Thermoionic emission and multiphoton electron extraction in the photofragmentation of gold nanoparticles, Invited [.pdf 6MB])
L. Pilozzi (Optical nonlinearities in polariton-polariton scattering: beyond the bosonization schemes)

Supercontinuum and short pulses

F. Mitschke (Supercontinuum Generation in a Fiber Resonator, Invited)
A. Zavyalov (Robust Multi-Soliton Complexes in Fiber Lasers)
A. Sysoliatin (Subpicosecond optical pulse processing via fiber dispersion management)
D. Faccio (Energy-density characterization of complex ultrashort laser pulses)
K. Shandarova (Experimental Observation of Rabi Oscillations in Photonic Lattices)
S. Wabnitz (Dissipative and Conservative Attractors for Short Pulses in Optical Fiber Systems, Invited [.pdf 4MB])