Aladji Kamagate ( Stationary and Pulsating Dissipative Light Bullets from a Collective Variable Approach (.pdf) )

Sebastian Stark (Spectral Broadening of Visible Ultrashort Pulses in Tapered PCF)

Christine Kreuzer (Nonlinear Spatio-Temporal Effects in Glass Nanowebs)

Andrea Armaroli (Transverse Instabilities in Spatial Optical Shocks)

Truong X. Tran (New Nonlinear Effects in Photonic Nanowires)

Silvia Gentilini (Frequency Comb Propagation in Random Media)

Massimiliano Guasoni (Diffraction management in metal dielectric nanoscale periodic media)

Matteo Paoluzzi (Study of the 3d Blume-Emery-Griffiths model with quenched disorder)